3 days ago
We are Thankful for all the great customers who choose to make Crimson Castle Games their game store. Our holiday hours will be... Wednesday 11am-6pm Thursday closed Friday 11am-midnight Saturday 11am-7pm Sunday 2pm-9pm

4 days ago
This Friday we will have the From The Vault: Transform in store. We will only have 15 copies and are offering them through pre reservation. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mtg-ftv-reservations-tickets-40067190044 The price is $50 plus tax and fees. The sale begins at midnight and will close at midnight Friday morning. They will be available for pick up when we open at 11am Friday Nov. 24th. Any unsold quantity will be available first come first serve for the going market price for the item on that day.

5 days ago
Today is the release of Iconic Masters. We will have it available as soon as UPS delivers. And join us tonight for FNM where Iconic Masters draft will be $35. Registration begins at 615 pm and we will start at 630pm. Sealed boxes are $240 plus tax.

2 weeks ago
My wife and I are loving Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (just started September) and we just got season 2 from you guys. We like Dead of Winter as well. We're relatively new to these types of board games and would like to try some others that are co-op (i hate losing to her 😜), have some co-op aspects, or could possibly be manipulated to be played as a co-op. We're not into card games like Yu-Gi-OH and such...not that there's anything wrong with them. We currently have our eyes on Arkham Horror, after pandemic, and Gloomhaven. DaVonna Retherford can maybe throw some stuff out there. What are some good games out there and is Gloomhaven worth the hefty price tag? The "legacy" aspect of games is very appealing to me.