1 week ago
For those not in the store Sunday we announced a casual event for Pokémon on Sunday August 19th. Registration will begin at 230 pm and the event will start at 3pm. For $15 you may choose one of the decks pictured and use it against the other players in the event. $2 will be put in a prize pool per player. Prizes will be store credit based on the number of people entered. Players get to keep the decks they choose and decks will be on a first come first serve basis.

1 week ago
We will be closed this Saturday for our YuGiOh! Regional tournament. The regional is at Cottondale United Methodist Church. Registration will open at 830am and close at 10am. The tournament will begin as soon as possible after that. The entry fee will be $20 cash and players will get 5 packs. Deck lists will be required. We will have vendors on site as well as a concession stand provided by the church. Today is the release of Magic the Gathering Commander 2018. We have a large supply. They will be selling for $40 plus tax. Buy one now so you will be ready when we bring back our Commander league events next month. With being closed on Saturday our standard showdown tournament will be cancelled. However, if enough people are interested we will hold a standard tournament on Sunday at 5pm. X-Wing players beginning on Sunday we will be taking preorders for the 2nd edition products. There is a limited supply. We will have the special damage deck available to anyone who gets one of the new core sets. Sunday we will also be announcing a special event to be held on the following Sunday August 19th. There are many opportunities to try new games as we look to expand some of our offerings and events this fall. So make sure to catch 'em all.

2 weeks ago
Good Afternoon, Yugioh players! We are excited to announce our World Championship Celebration! There will be a tournament Saturday at 1pm with registration beginning at 12pm. The entry fee for this tournament will be $10, which will give you 2 OTS7 packs and notepad for participation while supplies lasts. We have some neat prizes for this event, so be sure to stop by and help celebrate the Worlds tournament with us!

3 weeks ago
Hello Yugioh players! We will be having our UDS qualifier Sunday 29th at 2pm. Our doors will open at 1pm for registration for this event. We've got some pretty cool prizes for the top players, so be sure to stop by!