1 week ago
Magic the gathering players we have a request to begin running Standard format constructed tournaments again. With the release of Core 19 these would be Standard Showdown tournaments so the prize packs would be available. We have 4 options as to when to have these tournaments Tuesday evening 630pm Saturday afternoon 3pm Saturday evening 630pm Sunday afternoon 3pm Please comment below with your preference on all four times listed in order from best time to least. Once you have posted this please like our page and share this post. Anyone who does all three of these will be entered into a drawing for a special Standard tournament related prize.

3 weeks ago
Hello Magic Players! This Sunday we will be hosting a Preliminary ProTour Qualifier (PPTQ). The format for this event is Standard. The cost for entry is $30 and registration for the tournament begins at 11am and ends at 12pm, followed by the players meeting, then the tournament will commence. Minimum Prizing Payout is as follows: 1st - $150 Cash and Entry into the Regional PTQ 2nd - $100 Store Credit 3rd & 4th - $60 Store Credit 5th - $30 Store Credit

3 weeks ago
Hello Yu-Gi-Oh players! This Saturday we'll be having our Sneak Peek event for Flames of Destruction. The entry will be $20 which will get you 5 packs from the new set and a special promo card. You will also recieve a raffle ticket to our door prize raffle! We will begin taking entries at 11am when the doors open, and you can also participate in our regular local tournament at 1pm. We hope to see you here!

1 month ago
Hello Magic Players! We will be having our prerelease events for Dominaria this upcoming Saturday the 21st at 11 a.m. and Sunday the 22nd at 2 p.m. The Saturday event is a tournament, and the Sunday event is a Two-Headed Giant tournament. Both tournaments are sealed events, with decks made from cards pulled from the packs that you recieve in the prerelease kits. You will also recieve a pack of sleeves upon entry. Basic lands are provided at our land station. The cost for participation in each event is $30. We hope to have you join us!